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About Us

We’re pretty humble people but 10 years, over 70 clients, 10 awards, 72 keynotes and three leading business books later, we’re pretty proud of the impact we have - and it’s that which gets us out of bed every morning.

Our vast, first-hand experience of working at the top table of business (as well as having a master of psychology, published authors and a thought leader for Cambridge University on the team) means we ‘just get it’ and are able to hit the ground running on any business challenge.

We’ve got 10 CPD accredited programmes, wear the ‘Culture Consultancy of the Year 2018’ crown and have ten other shiny awards in our cabinet. We’re big believers in education for all and are a proud long term partner of United World Schools. We’re also a carbon neutral company.

Client Work

Our Approach

Our overall approach to everything we do is framed by our three pillars of culture - what we believe, how we behave and what we use™ . It’s all about what we call ‘left to right thinking’ - starting with why, instead of what - to drive belief, buy in and ultimately, action.

A key part of this is creating communities of what we call ‘investors’ - people who really invest the best of themselves in a sustainable way to deliver for their teams and the organisation, each and every day. It’s organisations who have a large number of investors who outperform the competition.

Whether it’s a 10 year relationship or working with an organisation on a quick hit related to a specific need, our underlying passion is to leave lasting change. Watch our film to find out more.


We work with everyone from global corporates, UK NGO and Government organisations to NHS trusts, charities and SMEs - we’d love to work with you.


Meet The Team

We love what we do and the impact it has – but that’s not the half of it! Discover our core delivery team below, as well as our extended faculty of elite performers.

Our Faculty

Did we mention our extended faculty of elite performers? We’re in pretty good company at The Culture Builders.

Steve Williams

OBE – rower, Olympic Gold medalist and high performance specialist

Beccy Matthews

Physiological expert and personal trainer to folk from 10 to 100

Pam August

Ex Director of Culture Activation for world renowned WestJet

Simon Watts

Leading plastic surgeon who brings big learns into the corporate world

Matt Holman

Mental health first aid trainer and specialist in mental wellbeing

Heather Golding

Director of renowned agency TonyG and creativity trailblazer

The Red Arrows

The world’s best pilots and the highest performing team going

Business Leaders

Bringing their own war stories, experiences and learnings

Mike Ling

Mike Ling, former Red Arrows pilot and Aerobatic Pilot with the Blades Aerobatic Team.

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We love to hear from people - get in touch to discuss your challenge, find out more or just to share great ideas.