DAZN – activating managers at all levels as the miracle in the middle

DAZN is one of the fasting-growing media providers in the world. It is committed to building the ‘Netflix of sport’ and revolutionising the world of sport. It’s an ambitious, fast-growing company that has a lot of aspiring leaders who are regularly tasked with managing change in what is still a very dynamic company.

The Culture Builders were asked to create a suite of development programmes for managers at all levels, which would focus on their role as leaders and engagers within the business, helping them understand how to better manage people through change and how to manage people across personality and cultural differences. Critical to delivering this was our deep understanding of the business, its culture and the challenges it faced. We were looking to develop a young, very talented group of future leaders that would be looking for both the basics and the higher challenge content to stretch and grow them.

A multifaceted management programme

The result was a suite of rich, practical and interactive programmes and materials that provide a wealth of learning and take-aways. This included a one day introduction to management which is delivered by the in-house team to more junior and first time managers, a two-day programme for middle and more experienced managers, a more advanced version for senior people leaders, also delivered over two days, and the International Manager programme which introduces managers of cross-cultural and global teams to the impact of cultural differences on performance and how to better manage those differences for impact.

The company’s highest scoring development opportunity

Our offerings are the company’s highest scoring development opportunities, the two-day programme being seen as the flagship that all others must link to. It’s the company’s highest-scoring development offering, and is seen as the flagship programme that all others link to. Delegate feedback is unequivocally positive – “I can use every individual aspect and content of the course to fit particular areas of my business.” summarises many comments, and “Awesome course!” is a piece of feedback we are particularly proud of.

“I think the facilitator was brilliant throughout the day – very professional, humorous and engaging. He kept us all very engaged throughout which isn’t always so easy to do. I think this course should be extended out to all levels of the business as there was nothing specific to being a manager that also couldn’t be applied at more junior levels.” (Participant)

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