Viacom CBS – virtual development to create change agents

Viacom CBS, a global entertainment group, was looking to activate its large, worldwide finance function as change agents to ensure they were equipped to be able to best lead complex change and take their teams and stakeholders on the journey. A global team spread in all corners of the world, a virtual approach was needed but one that still delivered a dynamic, interactive and enjoyable learning experience. 

With key objectives around management of self and others during change, up-skilling around emotional intelligence and strategic stakeholder management, The Culture Builders designed a global, virtual development programme for 40 senior leaders, equipping every member of the team to take people with them on the journey, build trust and act with bravery, empathy, honesty and humility.

A virtual modular programme with ongoing inspiration 

A suite of five modules delivered over the course of three months covered responses to change in self and others, managing emotions through change, effectively managing stakeholders and partnering with stakeholders through change and beyond. As part of a package designed to deliver lasting change, following the webinars, The Culture Builders team also delivered group coaching clusters and individual coaching as well as delivering weekly inspirational content and top tips as an additional stimulus to maintain momentum.

Developing high performance in change and in life

Underpinned with our Bank of Me philosophy and thinking around wellbeing and performance throughout, all participants were immersed in the principles of human banking and individual and team management – for high performance in change, and in life.

“Webinars from The Culture Builders are operationally practical almost immediately. We needed to activate leaders across our global finance function as change agents. Our global webinar programme for 40 senior leaders really hit home and was so relevant to what we’re going through – the pressure of work, and the pressure of change as we navigate so much that’s new to us. Being aware and helping ourselves prepare for it was great – and helped us not just in the workplace but in all aspects of our lives.”

Joel Krutz, International CFO, Viacom

Listen now to our podcast with Joel Krutz as he discussed the realities of a truly global team and how to both deliver your best and get the same from others.