Managing change in a changed world

In today’s world of constant change and uncertainty, how your leaders, people managers and employees are equipped to manage it is key. We offer a range of virtual change management support including tailored changemaker development programmes, leadership and manager development around the core values and levers for change, the creation, crafting and activation of a change champion network, change communication and storysharing and more.

Whether you need a change management expert to help you with your strategy, a workshop for your senior leaders or a change toolkit for your people managers, speak to us today to find out more about our range of change management solutions.

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Change Management Virtual Workshops

If you need to upskill your leaders and people managers on managing change in a changed world, we design and deliver a range of workshops (from a 90 minute webinar up to a programme of virtual interventions) resulting in a community of change agents confident to lead.

Virtual Change Management Tools

Including everything from top tips for people managers, to key information on the different responses to change, to insight on how the changes in the world right now are affecting different people in different ways - our virtual change management toolkit gets you and your managers off on the right foot.

Culture change programmes

Find me an organisation that isn't talking about how to evolve its culture to perform in the 'new normal.' We design and deliver company-wide (or team specific) virtual programmes that align people around shared belief, embed values and build stronger, more purposeful organisations.

Specific Change Management Projects

For more specific change projects, we provide both strategic and practical support to affect and embed a change - ensuring people are taken on the journey and emerge stronger as a result, particularly in the current COVID-19 context.

Change management for today's changed world

Even before COVID-19, change was big on the agenda (whether that was Brexit, climate change or the fluctuating economy). COVID-19 then presented a change challenge not seen for 100 years driving individual, organisational and societal change on an unprecedented scale - and with pace. As we now live through the transition, reconnection and transformation stages of the pandemic, there is no business, sector or industry that is without significant change now and in the future. Of the many organisations in transformation, for some it's positive focused on evolution and growth and for others it's downsizing or restructuring.

So in a context we have never seen before, involving uncertainty of a whole new kind and a public health priority not seen in most of our lifetimes - can the old approaches to manage change be effective? What needs to change about how we manage change in order to navigate to a ‘near normal’ and rebuild business, commerce and society? We've got the experience, the experts and a broad track record in helping global organisations manage change in our changed world - find out how we can help yours.


We work with everyone from global corporates, UK NGO and Government organisations to NHS trusts, charities and SMEs - we’d love to work with you.

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Case Studies

Taking a human approach to change

For us, there’s one very simple thing that has always been at the heart of change - even in today's changed world - and that's human nature. Whilst it may seem that everything in life is changing very quickly, now more so than ever, as human beings, we are not. Of course we do change and evolve but not at the speed of everything that is changing around us – we remain human at heart with basic needs to feel valued, communicated with and respected.

Therefore, when we think about change and the fact that ultimately, aversion to change is a human condition, why do we often try to manage it in a systematic, process driven way? A human, compassionate and emotionally intelligent approach to change has been a cornerstone of many organisation's responses to COVID but as we grow this muscle, we need to work on sustaining it - which requires much more meticulous, holistic and whole life approaches than may have been adopted before.

How we help

  • Culture champions - set up and development of these powerful advocate groups
  • Tailored changemaker programmes (for HR, leaders, managers)
  • Change communication training
  • International working programmes (culture awareness and effective global working programmes with leaders/ managers/ teams)
  • People ecosystem mapping
  • Creating an effective remote working culture
  • Developing a global working culture
  • Change communication strategy

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We work as thinkers, designers and deliverers as well as an extra pair of hands on your team. Whatever your change challenge, we’d love to hear from you and talk about how we can help.