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Although it’s the phrase everyone is talking about right now, ‘hybrid working’ just doesn’t work for where the world is headed. It’s so big, so complex, so daunting. To say the future is going to be messy is an understatement, and it will need a dichotomy of strong clear direction, and frequent trial and error to get to a new steady state.

Our roles, our delivery methods, our lifestyles and our service models are expanding into a myriad of approaches that blend needs, opportunities and preferences for individuals, teams and organisations. Find out more about our work with businesses all over the globe to welcome the era of ‘poly-working’.


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About The Culture Builders

The Culture Builders is an award-winning UK-based consultancy that works globally and specialises in culture, change and performance - essentially we’re experts in people. We’re not career consultants, we’re a close knit team of former business leaders and directors with the war wounds of running businesses and senior in-house careers in HR, learning and development, communication, project management and more.

With a name taken from the best-selling business book, The Culture Builders has defined a new language and approach to culture and change - moving from intangible ideas to concrete actions and outcomes. Our experienced expertise and resulting consultancy approach, as well as our unique live development interventions (delivered virtually and face to face) are our hallmark, as is our extended faculty of Olympians, fighter pilots and business leaders of some of the world’s most successful organisations.

It’s fair to say we’re definitely not your average consultancy and organisations who work with us describe us ‘game changers’. Click on the film to find out more.



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We work with everyone from global corporates, UK NGO and Government organisations to NHS trusts, charities and SMEs - we’d love to work with you.

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Our on-demand digital development hub

Sourcecode is the digital content and development hub from The Culture Builders. It taps into the thinking, content and inspiration that fuels our work and serves it digitally and on-demand.

Delivered via our platform or your own learning management system, it’s the next-best choice when time zones, urgency or budget means that a live intervention (virtual or face to face) isn’t possible.

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The Culture Builders Podcast

A mix of interviews, advice and stories that explore high performing teams and strong organisational cultures.