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Jane Sparrow
How to be an appreciative leader (it’s more than it seems!)

Every human being has a fundamental need to feel valued – to feel like they matter. And appreciation is more than you think – so read on!

Jane Sparrow
Supporting and equipping our people to be resilient

Five key things we believe are paramount to focus on to equip your teams for the weeks ahead.

Jane Sparrow
A seven-point checklist to help navigate the next phase

A seven point checklist that will hopefully give you the building blocks for a not only surviving, but thriving strategy that will see you into the Spring.

Chris Preston
‘20 Broke, ‘21 Fixes It (hopefully)

2020 was the year the world ‘broke’ – and 2021 is, for a number of reasons, the year that we put it back together.

Jane Sparrow
How to prepare yourself and your teams for winter

Explore our top tips to find some new ways to support yourself and your team to not only survive, but also thrive, this winter.

Chris Preston
Eight Change Survival Tips for Those Leading It

A short guide to help those leading change

Jane Sparrow
How to achieve ‘balance’ in a remote working day

Practical tips to help you have a balanced remote working day.

Jane Sparrow
How to create and sustain a high performance hybrid team

Learn how you can offer choice and flexibility to your team.

Owen Cook
We’re not born with resilience, we have to build it at every level

Resilience isn’t just something you have, you can work on it as an individual, a team or an organisation.

Jane Sparrow
Why September is the perfect time for team building

Team connection interventions are on the rise right now and we’re working with a number of clients to make plans for September ‘events’.

Jane Sparrow
How to manage change in a changed world

How can we manage change in a completely changed world? Change management is emerging as a critical tool for 2020.

Chris Preston
What will your Office of the Future look like?

A hot topic right now is the future of the office – the role it will play in a post COVID19 future.