What will your Office of the Future look like?

A hot topic right now is the future of the office – what does it look like, who will work there and are we likely to be managing a more flexible but increasingly fragmented workforce? 

We’ve been collaborating on an Office of the Future blueprint alongside Objective Manager, CBRE and Intelligent Office, to help professional service organisations plan for the future of work.

Watch this space for a series of pieces to come as part of this project – first up is a great piece of insight from all of the project partners, in the context of the latest government advice, that considers the future of the workplace, specifically for professional services firms.  

If you’re currently discussing your return to the office strategy, exploring a possible reimagining of your office locations or are scratching your head wondering where to start with it, then it is well worth a read.

Click here to read the first piece of the series.