Culture Change And Development

Our experience in supporting organisations to ‘pick teams back up’, engage people in large scale change and deliver transitions of many different kinds is vast - and our success rate has been described by our community of repeat clients as flawless.

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Our Approach

We recognise that every client need is, to a lesser or greater degree, unique. And thus the solution has to also be unique. Getting to the point where we’re ready to implement, and we practically start delivering work with you, needs a rich conversation.

Our starting point for large scale culture change and development work is to ask three questions that uncover the real needs, chart the right course, and pull together the tools needed to do the work successfully. 1) What is the desired shift, and are you approaching it from the right direction? 2) Who are the people that will lead this work, and do they have the right skill set? 3) Which are the levers needed to make this a success, and who will own/drive them?

They are three huge questions that often cause clients to stop in their tracks.

Our work: Creating a strong, 21st century ready culture

The Culture Builders team has supported Lane Crawford, one of the leading luxury Asian retailers, to develop a strong, 21st century ready culture. The team has crafted and delivered a multi-strand implementation plan that has developed leaders, built up a change coalition within the organisation and provided the entire company with practical tools, plans and skills to effect lasting culture change across the organisation’s operations in Hong Kong and China. The programme has delivered widespread culture change for the company, with far more local ownership of behaviours and cultural initiatives and a leadership team focused on building an amazing place to work and thrive.

Read about our long term work with Lane Crawford to develop a strong, 21st century ready culture.

Case Study

How we help

  • Culture transformation planning and advice
  • Change strategy and planning
  • Supporting leaders and teams through change
  • Identification and mobilisation of changemakers
  • People ecosystem mapping
  • Creating an effective remote working culture
  • Developing a global working culture
  • Change communication strategy

The Culture Builders Podcast

Listen now to Andrew Keith, President of Lane Crawford, talk about their culture journey