Organisational Design and Development

Like any high performing ecosystem, all elements of an organisation must be working well, and working well together - or else collectively, you’ll never reach your full potential. This covers people (and personalities), structures and supporting systems, all of which we are experts in.

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Our Approach

Our work in this area ranges from one-to-one coaching and advice for leaders, through to cross-organisational programmes that involve people at all levels. We take the view that all elements of an organisation are intrinsically connected and you cannot alter one element without impacting the others. With this in mind, any work needs the input, buy-in and action from all departments.

Often we start this process through a full organisational culture audits, using our own specific hallmarks to identify the opportunities for improvement and the things to dial up and down. From this, we can set an organisation on a multi-year programme of improvement, which results in a strong, adaptable leadership cohort and a committed, energised workforce.

Our work: Driving high performance even higher

The Culture Builders recently spent six months working with a large UK based company that was looking to move an already strong culture to the next level. We started with a full company audit, which involved conversations with the leadership team, workshops across the company and a full desk-audit of activity. From this we developed a series of interventions at each management level, and worked with the leadership team to develop an action plan for all of the elements we identified on the Culture Action Plan (CAP) Grid.

Most of them were cross-organisational, and either detailed key blockers to a stronger culture, or highlighted the main positives that could be built upon. Alongside this OD work, we implemented a blended programme that took the best of our Bank of Me materials and helped teams across the business build more resilience, capacity and readiness for change.

How we help

  • Organisational restructure
  • Systems implementation
  • M&A support
  • Functional strategies
  • Embedding new leadership teams
  • Readiness for rapid growth
  • Rapid maturity of junior leadership

Specialist support for specific functions

Our previous experience in running businesses and functions means that we’re able to provide expertise, advice and development support at a functional level - including marketing, communication and HR/People. This also extends to support with the Board in terms of set-up, strategy and team development. We’ll quickly assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the current approach, playback frankly what we see and advise on practical steps the function can take to immediately bolster the work.

This includes:

  • Strategic input and advice
  • Assessment of all current activities/ intervention points
  • Understanding of buy-in and activity from leaders and managers
  • Review of timelines, plans and recent activity
  • Benchmarking against similar organisations
  • Report and actions
  • De-brief, and input from our team

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