Our Approach

Beginning with a discover and develop phase (this can focus on crafting new values or understanding the ones you have), moving into a launch phase (which is much more than a one hit wonder), continuing work to sustain (this is where values start to become part of the fabric) and finally, moving into the embed phase whey they really are a part of the way we do things around here.

We work across the entire employee (and community) journey including engaging the organisation in defining the values, working with the executive team to understand their role and to role model the right behaviours, creating values ambassadors, storysharing, mining and crafting around the values in action, recruitment and reward strategies based on values and more.

Our work: Creating the glue for a consistent global group culture

The Culture Builders worked with a global security organisation to evolve a very fragmented culture due to a flurry of acquisitions and create a consistent set of values and behaviours. Conducting a piece of work that opened up the company’s values and looked at how they worked on a local level for all of the offices, the session created a great deal of dialogue that helped articulate what was needed to unify the parts and create a new cultural platform.

The work resulted in both a detailed audit and a publicly-shared action plan that has been taken back out to the business and used as the starting point for work to build stronger local cultures that align to the central aims. The global organisation now has one guiding set of values that are used as behavioural drivers across the business and act as the ‘glue’ for a new shared culture.

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Case Study

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How we help

  • Review of existing purpose and values
  • Vision and values development/ re-crafting/ evolution
  • Narrative creation and link to strategy
  • Values in action (driving to behaviour that are embedded)
  • Line of sight work with leaders and teams
  • Work with the executive team to drive values based behaviours

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