Performance and Wellbeing Strategy

Wellbeing is an area that has grown exponentially in recent years and the recent pandemic has accelerated this even more. We’re currently working with organisations in every corner of the world on how to get their wellbeing strategy right at an organisational level but really importantly, how to activate the right attitude at a personal level too.

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A 3D approach to wellbeing

Our Bank of Me philosophy is all about being ‘in the black’ - the notion being that we are all human bank accounts and we, and therefore our teams and organisations, do things that deplete or build us. This is where wellbeing comes in because if we have a really good culture of wellbeing, it will help us to be in the black, not in the red. However, what is vital is that any wellbeing strategy is considered on three levels.

How do we create an organisation that is in the black, when it comes to wellbeing? How do we create teams that are in the black? How do we help individuals to be in the black, and also believe that they also own their own wellbeing? When we start to look at these three areas and get them all working well, that’s when we solve the puzzle of wellbeing.

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Our work: Transforming intention into behaviour that sticks

A large media organisation came to us after they’d done a lot of work on wellbeing strategy and policy, including launching initiatives that ranged from flexible working through to an onsite gym, but could see that the take up rates were poor. Despite their positive intention, they were feeling that nothing was really changing in the organisation. Aware of the existence of some key blockers, they wanted to understand what they were and how they could overcome them.

The team at The Culture Builders worked with the top team to review the strategy they had in place and understand the views from within the business - initially looking inward to reflect on how their own behaviours may be affecting the behaviours of the business around them. As well as recrafting a wellbeing and performance strategy and developing leadership behaviours that supported it, the team delivered an organisation wide Bank Of Me programme focused on personal intention, creating positive and cementing them into sustained behaviours.

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Creating a 3D wellbeing and performance strategy

So, how we can start taking a three dimensional approach to wellbeing? What are some of the key considerations we should be thinking about at each level? Organisationally, it’s about creating an environment that supports, enables and encourages wellbeing. This includes leaders who truly believe in wellbeing and putting in place the behaviours, processes, and tools to help build sustainable human beings able to be the best that they can be.

At a team level, our attitudes towards each other should support each other’s wellbeing, we should stretch each other so that we grow and take care of each other through awareness. Individually, it’s vital that we all believe that we need to manage our own human bank accounts, not just allow others to do it for us (which won’t work or be sustainable). This is about educating, inspiring and empowering people to grab hold of their wellbeing and get to know an even better self.

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