Workshops and Webinars

94% of the people who have attended Bank of Me workshops to date (including face to face and virtual formats) have rated them 5/5 on delivering lasting change. This is attributed to our unrelenting focus on combining positive intent with knowledge around habits - something that is critical for achieving actual behaviour change.

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Right sized and multi-platform

Bank of Me workshops and webinars are available virtually, face to face or a blend of the two. We can scale from a handful up to hundreds and are able to offer fully interactive formats even when delivering virtually.

We’re also able to offer a selection of workshop packages so you can pick and mix and sustain momentum in-between. You can also create your own for a tailored programme, right-sized to suit your team’s needs.

Topics our workshops cover:

  • live better, work better
  • building resilience
  • habits
  • focus and time management
  • remote working
  • returning to work
  • relationship management
  • difficult conversations
  • physiological wellbeing
  • healthy workplaces

Case Study

Our work: Upskilling a team for turbulent times to come

A leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery wanted to develop their extended leadership team to be able to continue to maintain high performance, even with the pressures and intensity of a significant change that was about to hit the business.

The Cultures Builders designed Bank of Me workshops and a toolkit that delivered four virtual, high impact workshops covering team development, managing emotions, managing your physiological self for performance and responses to change. I was anchored in Myers Briggs personality profiling and an ongoing toolkit of top tips, timely reminders and additional resources.

The Culture Builders Podcast

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