Our approach

For us, talent, and the development of it, has to be an end-to-end approach. It starts with people who don’t even yet work in the company, and continues on to the Alumni who are still advocates for the ‘place they flourished the most’. Of course, we are well versed in talent plotting and delivering development programmes, but we are equally good at giving managers tools to unlock talent in their teams, at creating opportunity programmes that throw involvement open to everyone and at helping leadership re-define how they view, and utilise talent.

We are most effective in this area when working across the teams within an organisation. Assuming that the People function ‘owns’ talent is an error that too many people make. We jointly create talent programmes and then work with our stakeholders to embed them in the wider organisation - making ‘talent’ a core component of success, rather than an L&D offering.

How we help

  • Talent pool development programmes
  • Talent acquisition strategies and processes
  • Talent cultivation programmes
  • PDP/ appraisals/ performance and development
  • Recognition schemes
  • Recruiting for values
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Action learning groups

The Culture Builders Podcast

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