Developing Managers

There’s a reason why we call the hundreds of thousands of middle managers we’ve supported over the years the ‘miracle in the middle’. They make an organisation’s strategic purpose a reality on the ground. They play a central role in managing and guiding its people. They shape the development of the next generation’s potential. They are, in short, the lifeblood of an organisation.

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Our Approach

In order to be successful, middle managers need a rounded set of skills and they almost need to be chameleon-like, able to nimbly adapt to different audiences, individuals and stakeholders - often at lightning speed. This is why equipping managers with a solid foundation across all of the basics of communication, engagement and leading others is critical.

Managers, often more so than any other group, have so much on their plate. They're not able to strategise, reflect, create shiny new content most of the time - instead they have to interpret, localise and execute, and fast. This is why everything we do with this group is practical, applicable in many different scenarios and is tried and tested, the world over.

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Case Study

Our work: Delivering a blended approach to upskill 300 managers

A public private health partnership organisation needed to upskill their entire 300 strong middle manager cohort so they could improve the quality and drive some consistency of people management across the organisation. The Culture Builders designed and delivered a year long management academy covering the five essential roles of culture builder and people manager, engaging others effectively, how to be an authentic manager and more.

The programme was delivered via a mix of face to face, online workshops, on-demand learning at a time to suit and ongoing stimulus and top tips - as well as supported by group coaching. The feedback received for the academy was the best the organisation has ever received - so much so that our managers are all asking to do it again!

Our solutions

  • Manager as Culture Builder
  • Developing managers as the miracle in the middle
  • Core skills for managers
  • Manager support programmes that target specific areas such as managing uncertainty, difficult conversations, or effective global working
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