Anna Jester
Senior Consultant

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Senior Consultant

Anna is an all round culture, change and communication specialist with sixteen years’ experience in a range of roles, sectors and environments, supporting organisations including Dyson, Holcim-Lafarge, University of Warwick, NTT Security and Hilton Food Group. Having worked in-house as a team lead, Director of Communications and advisor to the CEO and Board, as well as in external consultancy, Anna brings a deep understanding of the employee, managerial and leadership perspective to her work. Jester by name, jester by nature, Anna is high energy and a big believer in the power of fun in the corporate space. She loves a party horn and a Curly Wurly (in and out of the workplace).


Big love: Burgers and bubbly

Big learn: Human connection trumps everything else

Big laugh: Fleabag! (literally obsessed)