You want the best people in your organisation – skilled, energised and well. Our programmes create just that. We use a broad blend of learning and development approaches to challenge and advance people in ways that support their, and your organisation’s, growth.

People make your culture. Any investment in improving the lived experience of working in your organisation should place the most emphasis on helping employees grow, develop and own the health and attraction of your culture. Given this, a great deal of our time is spent actively supporting the people agenda and development roadmap for many teams and project groups.

Most change fails – fails to properly capitalise on the structural and procedural changes and drive real behavioural change and cultural growth. We are seeing this strongly with the current ‘world of work’ conversation – many organisations are struggling to create a coherent policy that pleases everyone. We’ve been deep in this issue for some time, and have helped a number of organisations to find sustainable ways forwards. Our team are experts at creating consultative change and turning varying input into coherent strategies.

On a practical level, we have a range of modules and programmes that target some of the major challenges and opportunities that employees are currently facing. These include areas such as resilience, emotional intelligence, first-line leadership, cultural awareness, team dynamics and women in business. All are scalable and can be virtual, in-person or a mix of the two.

Finally, all of this is worthless if people don’t know about it, care about it, or take action because of it. Our work is frequently wrapped up with engagement plans and implementation that utilises a range of tools and techniques to capture hearts, minds and ears of your people. We’ve got a strong track record in this area, and build on communication structures with exciting content and approaches that peak above the noise.

Our leadership programmes are legendary with our clients, for all the right reasons.

A number of organisations have tracked the impact of our programmes, and been highly impressed with the accelerated advancement and performance they engender. We strive to create experiences and interventions that are impactful and lasting. Rowing on the Beijing Olympic lake? Not a problem. Whispering horses – totally. Exploring the drivers behind their leadership role, absolutely.

Development programmes

Scaled for size and seniority, we run a range of programmes that rapidly develop your key talent

Manager development

Core training and development for your first line managers that often have the biggest people responsibilities, but the least experience 

Experiential events

Using rich, exciting locations, interactions and personalities to create memorable learning moments

Assessments (including psychometrics)

Giving people deeper insight into how they work, why, and what the impact of this is

Workshops and team events

Building teams, fixing teams and understanding teams – bespoke events that are focused on group cohesion and development

HR planning & strategy

Helping the People people. Shaping world-class people plans that draw on the best from across a range of industries

OD planning & development

Giving you the input, rules and steer to create future-ready organisational structures and operating practices

Internal engagement planning

Moving communication with your people from a ‘mail room’ to a true engagement hub

Internal engagement implementation

Doing the heavy lifting for you and kick starting approaches that help you draw people together and share the right messages

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