How much we deposit and withdraw from our human bank balance, as individuals and teams, has a direct impact on how well we are able to perform. Designed by elite performers in their field, the Bank of Me focuses on positive, lasting behaviour change, to help with the biggest challenges of today’s complex workplace.

Covering six areas, The Bank of Me helps you to develop stronger, more effective teams; Managing Emotions, Focus, Physiological Health, Personal Growth, Motivation and Inclusion. These areas are woven into all of our work because they are at the heart of productivity and performance.

Based on a fundamental idea that energy levels, drive, enthusiasm and emotional wellbeing are quantifiable resources that we effectively manage. It’s our very own human bank account. We know that we need these areas to work optimally if we are to be ‘in the black’.

How much teams, and individuals, deposit and withdraw from their human bank balances has a direct impact on how well they are able to perform. We all need to work on maintaining our human bank balance to its highest level, and, where we manage and lead others, support them to do the same. We need to be in the ‘black’ as teams, individuals and organisations. Not ‘in the red’.


Offering everything from two-day experiential programmes through to highly efficient 90-minute modules, all Bank of Me content is designed by our faculty of elite performers in their field (including Olympians and military acrobats), who bring new language, thinking and inspiration to you.

 Backing all of this up is the personal wellbeing app, Bank of Me, helping individuals to be the best version of themselves through weekly check-ins, nudges and tracking progress across the six wellbeing metrics. A practical solution to avoid burnout, maintain good mental health and keep emotional bank balances ‘in the black’.

“There’s absolutely no question that the range of Bank of Me programmes contributed significantly to UKTV’s exponential growth and position as the first ever broadcaster to enter the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies To Work For.”

The impact? Helping people to be the best they can be.  All leading to the highest performing cultures.

Our offerings in this area include:

The Bank of Me

Taking ownership for our own engagement to drive high performance

Creating & Sustaining Team & Individual Habits

Building new paths for high sustainable wellbeing and performance – using habit-science to develop better routines and outcomes.

Powering High Performance

Helping to accelerate teams and individuals through new approaches, habits and tools.

Performance Management

Leading effectively in high performing cultures – beliefs and behaviours first, systems second.  


Building Team Resilience

Supporting teams and leaders to navigate challenging periods and find new sources of support and growth during times of change.

Wellbeing as a Core Principle

Driving sustainable performance and wellbeing through business values and beliefs.


Our People Case Studies