Board sessions, change programmes, development journeys, culture audits, team cohesion… So much comes under the banner of culture, and much of it sits within our skill set and experience across a wide array of organisations, large and small.

Given the breadth and depth of influencing factors on an organisation’s culture, our work tends to cover a number of disciplines and activities.

We define them through three areas, but often a project will draw from all three areas, as we deliver lasting change and improvement.

We are one of the few organisations that can assess and codify your culture in ways that go beyond surveys. We provide you with rich data and narratives that are structured in ways that help you understand how people experience your organisation, and the change factors that are needed to move it forwards.

Organisations are currently feeling the pinch from three major areas – the ongoing shift in customer attitudes and needs, the tough economic climate that most countries are experiencing and the rapidly changing needs of a more scarce, fluid and active workforce.

People make your culture. Any investment in improving the lived experience of working in your organisation should place the most emphasis on helping employees grow, develop and own the health and attraction of your culture. Given this, a great deal of our time is spent actively supporting the people agenda and development roadmap for many teams and project groups.