We know culture. The Culture Builders has been one of the leading organisations that has crystallised it into a far more tangible, measurable concept that can be changed, improved and harnessed.

We are one of the few organisations that can assess and codify your culture in ways that go beyond surveys.

We provide you with rich data and narratives that are structured in ways that help you understand how people experience your organisation, and the change factors that are needed to move it forwards.

Cultures are built on beliefs and behaviours

Many organisations try, and fail, to articulate these. Often, values are anodyne words that people agree with, but feel little connection towards. To overcome this, we engage deeply with an organisation’s workforce and develop content that has meaning, supports organisational progression and connects with the workforce. To put it succinctly, we develop and embed really, really strong values and behaviours.

These first two elements are quite frequently the precursor to wider cultural change.

This, for many organisations, is the most unclear and difficult change area – so frequently avoided or skimmed over. We know how to change cultures, and will help set the agenda, approach and practical roadmap to build better or more match-fit cultures.

Culture Audits and narrative

A full, structured reflection of your organisation, built around our culture hallmarks, and focused on practical actions for change

Roadmaps for change

Helping you shape the plan for the future that sees everyone working towards a stronger culture

Values & behaviours development

Challenging your organisation to identify AND live the key traits that make you a high performing culture

Manager enactment and development

Getting your most important culture navigators match-fit to take on the challenge of growing your culture

Development for change ambassadors

Skilling up the people that take on the culture development work on a practical level

EVP & employee development

Helping you tell your story to potential talent and craft something that shares the pride you all have in your organisation

Leadership support and coaching through cultural change

Sharing the examples, tips and actions that effective leaders utilise during change programmes