Change is a constant, but few organisations equip their people with the skills and coping mechanisms to lead and be part of it. We help organisations to consider the human side of change – providing support, training and development that gets them change-ready.

Organisations are currently feeling the pinch from three major areas – the ongoing shift in customer attitudes and needs, the tough economic climate that most countries are experiencing and the rapidly changing needs of a more scarce, fluid and active workforce.

Our team are experts at creating consultative change and turning varying input into coherent strategies.

For most, ‘change’ isn’t a well-honed skill, and leaders & managers often struggle to effect it fully, because of a lack of skill and experience. We are often brought in to support leadership and delivery teams during change – helping to plan the implementation then equip, coach and guide people through how to enact and engage a workforce to ensure people are involved, feel empowered and active in making the required shifts.

Most change fails – fails to properly capitalise on the structural and procedural changes and drive real behavioural change and cultural growth. We are seeing this strongly with the current ‘world of work’ conversation – many organisations are struggling to create a coherent policy that pleases everyone. We’ve been deep in this issue for some time, and have helped a number of organisations to find sustainable ways forwards. Our team are experts at creating consultative change and turning varying input into coherent strategies.

Planning for change

Ensuring you aren’t ‘ready, fire, aim’ when it comes to change and your people

Managing change

Helping put in place the practical ‘guide rails’ to ensure your change programme is on track and being led in the right way by the right people

Leader and manager
development and coaching

Developing new skills in people that are critical to your change, but have yet to build the ‘muscle’ to lead it

Flex working effectiveness

Still a huge topic, that many organisations are going to grapple with for the long-term. We’ve got practical advice, data and approaches that will help

Internal engagement

Keeping everyone talking at the critical points during change, and ensuring voices are heard throughout

Change roadmaps
Development for change ambassadors

Knowledge and skills transfer: sharing what the best change champions do when it comes to this most tricky area

Employee input forums

Creating dialogue across a wide range of groups to ensure people are included and feel change is ‘done with’ rather than to.