The beating heart of everything The Culture Builders does, are the people that make us, us. We are a team of highly experienced people that bring an incredibly varied range of skills to all our projects. We build on our core team with some truly amazing faculty members and associates. Each adding colour, depth and diversity to who we are and what we do. Any project with us will be delivered by a mix of people – from psychologists, coaches and business leaders, to athletes, facilitators, fitness experts and People professionals. All backed up by an enabling team that keeps the whole show on the road.


Jane literally wrote the book on culture – which then gave our company its name. She is a highly respected expert on culture, change and performance – working with C-level boards on these, and other topics. A frequent commentator on the wider working world, Jane regularly delivers keynote material and media comment on a range of topics. Recently, a CEO that Jane regularly works with summed her impact up perfectly, saying “This happened, and the first thing we did was dial 0800-Jane.”


Chris is the brains behind our operation. His focus is the technical and structural aspects of our approach – researching and developing our thinking on a range of topics – most notably the recent complex landscape that is flex working. He’s also involved in delivering our leadership programmes, and our values and behaviours work, and… in fact, he’s involved in everything we do.

Janine Roberts

Client Director

Janine is a leadership and development expert, through-and-through. She works with a range of leadership teams, helping them rise to the increasingly tough challenges that the world of work presents right now. She’s also an expert in psychological safety and many profiling tools. Alongside all this, Janine is also studying for a doctorate, focusing heavily on the next phase of emotional intelligence in the professional world. Watch this space.

Owen Cook

Head of Programmes

Owen is the one everyone asks for. His knowledge, style and approach just seem to fit, no matter where he is. A highly experienced facilitator and programme creator, Owen works right across our client pool – bringing ideas, approaches and growth opportunities to life, for groups of every shape and size. He cut his teeth working with disaffected youths on engagement programmes, and has used this experience to drive our thinking and ethos around group learning.

Tyson Matheson

Head of Consulting

Tyson has all the stories, as you’d expect from a senior HR executive that has worked in WestJet and Walmart Canada. His expertise is in blending the concepts we use when understanding organisational cultures, with the practical needs of organisations – digging deep for insight and then helping senior teams to understand what it means for them. He’s also got an amazing talent for understanding cultural differences (he’s Canadian, living in Amsterdam, working for a UK based Company).

Jo Moore

Senior Consultant

Jo works with many of our non-profit clients, and has the necessary perspectives to ensure we can deliver programmes that account for their unique needs and approaches. That’s not to say she goes easy on them – she is also adept at giving tough love when needed, and helping teams cut down to the clarity needed for resolution and progression. She mixes her organisational work with a coaching role that draws on the same skill-set developed over many years running businesses in IBM, Motorola and Ericsson.

Anna Jester

Senior Consultant

Anna is renowned for adding sparkle and magic to our work. She’s a true all-rounder that has a particular flair and expertise in team and employee engagement. Her work with us spans the whole range – facilitation, coaching, development, communication – it’s a powerful package. Anna is the one you want next to you during change, her guidance, support and positive challenge are legendary… as are her curly-wurlys.


Operations Executive

Katie is one of our longest serving team members, and it shows. Not in a bad way, far from it. She understands the intricacies of our work, and is always one step ahead of everyone else. It puts us in pole position to do our best work, to look glamorous on social media and to find things exactly where they need to be.

Annie Hazlerigg

Senior Consultant

Annie keeps us real. She’s one of our most experienced team members, and boy does it show. Her insight into organisational practices is razor sharp, and it used to great effect when she undertakes our culture audit work. Working with Annie is like having the text book ‘on how to do it’ open on your desk – learning, guidance, stories and reassurance. She’s also seriously lovely (and likes dogs).

Suzana Thurston

Head of Operations

Suzana is stolen property. We nabbed her from semi-retirement (and a number of part time jobs that included film work and piloting a boat) and convinced her to step in and help keep everything ship-shape. As Head of Ops, she manages our workflows, processes and team interactions, and does it very well. Oh, and she happens to have a wealth of knowledge and experience around running large L&D and Recruitment teams. She is the ultimate two-for-one.

Laura Beech

Head of Design

Laura makes us look astounding. We know what you’re thinking: “The Culture Builders is looking pretty slick these days.” Yes, yes we are. And it’s because of Laura. She’s swept through our brand presence and given it a whole new breath of life. She’s a massively talented designer that takes an immense amount of pride in her work. Clients constantly ask for her work and we’ve yet to hear anyone say ‘I don’t like it’ about any of her outputs.

Shona Marshall


Shona is a ray of sunshine in any room, who makes development a safe experience. As one of our experts in the areas of development, she is regularly ensconced with groups of people, metaphorically (we assume) holding their hands as they explore deep and personal aspects of their professional lives. She does this with an approach that makes people feel included and cared for. All of that is underpinned with some seriously impressive qualifications and experience that ensures there is a high degree of rigour and science behind her work.

Catherine Holland


Catherine is our ‘detail queen’ – she will proof anything within an inch of its life. This attention to detail extends to managing our most vital content, including the rapid (very, very rapid) capture of session outputs. She’s the reason why we look so good. Her efforts behind the scenes mean things are flipped from flip charts and unstuck from post-its in ways that enable us to make meaning out of conversations very quickly.

Rebecca Palmer & Caroline Kennett


Rebecca and Caroline are together because they are seamless. They work a job share that sees them provide an unbroken service to the wider team. Want to be somewhere? They’ve got it. Need a meeting arranged with a million difficult participants? They’ve done it. Things just go better when these folk are around. Their calm, methodical approach keeps everyone on track, and sets a drumbeat for the organisation that’s effective and sustainable.

“We are proud of the diversity within our team, and view it as a major success enabler for us. We constantly look to include new voices into our work and thinking. Alongside this, we try our best to present a welcoming, inclusive company. To achieve this, we use images throughout the site that bring to our material a rich mix of people. Many of these images are from stock libraries – they look so much better than the ones we would take, and we see them as a statement of our advocacy. We felt it important to be honest about this.”