Chris Preston
Founder & Director

Meet the Team | Chris Preston | The Culture Builders
Founder & Director

Chris has been working in leadership, engagement and learning and development for more than 20 years, during which he has delivered groundbreaking work for global companies such as Allianz, Toyota, Masterfoods, Perform Group, Lane Crawford, Sony and Pfizer.

Published author and co-founder of business consultancy The Culture Builders, Chris specialises in creating positive environments and highly effective teams, both through multi-element programmes and more focused individual development interventions. Starting work as a zoo keeper before jumping into corporate and agency work (he swears there are no parallels between the two worlds…), Chris’s experience is varied and rich and includes being a psychology graduate and a Level A&B trained assessor. He’s the one to call if you’re being chased by a lion (literally and metaphorically).


Big love: Skiing like I’m being chased by Bond villains

Big learn: That I’ve more to say sorry for than thank you

Big laugh: 99! Only those in the know will know