Global Tech Company
Category: Change

With the pace of change at an all time high in a global tech company, the Senior Leadership Team were keen to face into it and equip the workforce with the skills and attitudes needed to navigate and manage ongoing uncertainty. The team called on us, as change experts, to advise, support and deliver a series of workshops/resources for leaders at all levels. 

Following a number of pre-briefing sessions with project sponsors, to gain context and insights, The Culture Builders set up a series of live sessions that were backed by online content to stabilise, support and energise their leadership to successfully manage change. 

The first round was delivered to more than 2,000 leaders across the company, over seven virtual sessions. It focussed on emotions during upheaval and levers for successful leadership of change at a human level. This was backed up with a host of online resources from us, including; short videos, bite sized podcasts, inspirational stories and checklists. With a download rate of 95 percent following the first session, these proved to be a valuable addition to the approach. The second series of sessions challenged leaders around the need to reset and build resilience during ongoing uncertainty; helping people see that an attitude of flexibility is needed for ongoing success.

As the change process continued within the global tech organisation, we ran a further series of Leading Change sessions with the Customer Experience Team. These tailored interventions drew on the core content from the first phase and built on the ‘why’ around change, the narrative for the customer, and maintaining resilience for performance during change. Delivered virtually to more than 500 Customer Experience Leaders these were run in the same way as the previous sessions and supported by more online resources. A series of coaching clinics were also offered.

With feedback that this work had been “some of the most useful 90 minutes of their career”, these sessions left people feeling equipped for leading and navigating change and also engaged and energised to do so. The work continues.