Category: Change

As one of our longest standing clients, we’ve been working with UKTV for more than 10 years. Our most recent collaboration was enabling true transformation from a predominantly linear broadcaster to a digital first business.  The organisation was eager to lead the digital-first revolution in the Media industry, reinventing the way they entertain the nation moving forward. 

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) wanted to avoid the pitfalls they had witnessed other businesses experience during large scale change.  They didn’t want to risk under-delivering on their ambition, losing key people or team members blocking change.  This very intentional way of leading transformation is a key part of success for them.

As part of the transformation, The Culture Builders worked with the Digital Leadership and Executive Leadership Teams to create the human change and transformation strategy, built around our Three Pillars of Culture: What We Believe, How We Behave and What We Use (the tools, systems and processes). 

We then supported them to put the strategy into action through facilitating ELT sessions, one-to-one and team coaching, leadership and middle manager development, creating the ‘why’ for change and associated narrative and sustaining/nudge content for leaders for the journey ahead.

 Work with key leaders of all levels focused on exploring their past change experiences, equipping them to manage emotions in themselves and others during transformation and how to navigate different responses to change. Our full programme equipped them with habits, routines and rhythms for leading through change and is backed up by sustaining content online and through practical nudges.  The Little Book of Change was written as a resource so that leaders at all levels can continue to lead continual change and evolution as they progress on the transformation journey from a linear broadcaster to a multi-platform, digital-first business. 

 Feedback from leaders was that they felt incredibly supported and congratulated UKTV for investing the time and energy into equipping people for change – something many said they hadn’t experienced in other businesses.  They felt better able to lead transformation effectively as a result  The ELT were confident in the transformation strategy and were equipped to communicate, lead and implement, avoiding many of the pitfalls they have seen others face.  Their commercial performance is strong and people are keen to be part of the ongoing opportunity.