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We are culture experts and have long partnered with clients to embed remote working as a cultural norm – clearly the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated that need for organisations, globally.

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A wide-range of modules

Our culture experts cover a range of topics depending on your needs. Whether you need an introduction to remote working, help with working from home around the family or advice on looking after wellbeing (yours and your teams) we can support you.

Support and interventions

All of our remote working interventions are packed with practical frameworks and inspirational stories and deliver a virtual session full of tips and ideas that people can immediately use.

Maintaining connection

In a virtual world, maintaining connection is even more important. By joining one of our modules, you can learn to keep your teams connected, ensure inclusion and use remote tools and channels to reinforce high-performance remote working.

How can we help?

With enforced remote working now a reality, millions of us are adjusting to what it means when nearly all colleagues, stakeholders and clients are working away from the workplace. Not to mention the added dynamic of home-schooling.

We’ve been working with many businesses in Asia over the past few months to enable this and are now supporting organisations across the UK to do the same including SalesForce, EcoAge, SSE, OVO Energy and more. The result is productive teams that are best equipped to manage their own output and wellbeing.

Looking for remote working content and development available now?

Introducing Sourcecode. Sourcecode is the digital content and development hub from The Culture Builders.

Sourcecode taps into the thinking, content and inspiration that fuels our work and makes our live sessions so unique - serving it digitally and on-demand for a wider audience. It’s the next-best choice when time zones, urgency or budget means that an in-person (including virtual) intervention isn’t possible.

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Lane Crawford - three months of remote working case study

We’ve been supporting Lane Crawford - one of Asia’s oldest and most respected luxury retailers - for a number of years as they progress with the development of a strong, 21st century-ready culture. Recently, due to the coronavirus outbreak, our focus for them has had to shift rapidly to support them through this time.

Andrew Keith, the company’s president, says “it’s hard to articulate the array of unprecedented challenges this situation has presented but at the heart of our response has been supporting people and keeping them connected - to each other and the organisation." Download the full case study and additional information on remote working here:


We've also been helping:

Introducing the Bank of Me Special Remote Working edition

The Bank of Me Special Remote Working edition is packed full of tips, stories and inspiration to help people at this time (and beyond) to keep those human bank balances in the black. We'd planned a print version (and still may do it in the future) but as with millions of other businesses, the printers had to close, so you can get your e-copy here - or order the paperback version. We can't wait to hear what you think of it and which tips are resonating with your teams.

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Our module topics include:

  • Introduction to remote working
  • Leading in a virtual world
  • How to be an effective remote manager
  • Managing emotions in a remote landscape
  • Managing uncertainty in a new world
  • Keeping teams connected
  • Managing across international culture
  • Communicating well in a virtual world
  • Managing distractions
  • Working from home around the family
  • Keeping people engaged and motivated
  • Looking after wellbeing (yours and others)
  • Driving ideas and creativity in a virtual world
  • Ensuring inclusion in a virtual world
  • Cultivating learning in a virtual environment
  • Remote resource planning and structures
  • Reward and recognition in a virtual environment
  • Using remote tools and channels for high performance
  • Creating a high performance remote working environment (virtually and physically)

Looking for a remote working expert for keynotes or commentary?

Published author, expert facilitator, performance coach, impactful speaker and global commentator, our founder, Jane Sparrow, has worked with businesses across the world, including Centrica, UKTV, Sony, Lane Crawford, Dyson, HSBC, Rugby Premiership and Sky, to create and sustain high performance cultures.

As an expert in remote working and virtual collaboration, Jane is providing widespread support and advice on the topic and is available for media and press inquiries. Find out more about Jane's media work here.

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Our support includes:

  • Webinars
  • Practical toolkits
  • Strategy sessions
  • Manager development
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Ongoing inspiration
  • And more...

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