Culture Audits and Codifications

Our culture audit and codification solutions target every level of your organisation to enable people to deliver a higher-performing culture.

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Our Approach

Our approach differs from a traditional audit because it goes way beyond surveys and focus groups to move people to taking action as a result of the sessions we run. Through highly interactive interventions that target every level, geography and job role across an organisation, we enable people to describe the current culture and think about their part in delivering an even higher performing culture that will achieve success in the future.

We also conduct desk research to ensure the wealth of existing engagement and people data is considered. From all of this we pull together a picture of the current culture and codify it based on our nine unique culture hallmarks. The work we do in this area is designed to be a strong diagnostic but it’s highly practical through our Culture Action Plan (CAP) grid and leaves people with tools to use immediately.

Our work: Developing an Adult-Adult organisational culture

Our team recently conducted a full culture audit within a large UK tech manufacturing plant. The organisation was looking to move the culture forwards to a more Adult-Adult relationship and working approach, and the leadership team needed the source material to understand what the major levers for change were. We had to work within the constraints of a fully operational production line, which required a high level of efficiency to meet both demand and be economically viable.

We implemented a series of quick-hit workshops that quickly got people sharing their views and insights around the culture - the short timeframe for each enabled us to deliver far more in a short space of time. This input, contrasted with the opinions and beliefs of the leadership cohort, gave us the material needed to produce both a solid gap analysis report and to outline what should be happening to move the culture forwards. Our team delivered a mixed feedback session, which was both sharing the results and working with the senior team to develop a strategy for the future. This approach, although more time-intensive, ultimately resulted in the team acknowledging and working with a report that gave some tough truths and clear forward paths.


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