Bank of Me Programmes

Our Bank of Me programmes have been developed in association with Olympians, military and commercial pilots and international business leaders and help even the most skilled individuals strive for performance improvement. In an inspirational yet highly practical approach, participants learn how high-performing individuals shape their behaviours for sustainable high performance across the five fundamental areas of Bank of Me.

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The Bank of Me modules

Delivered by a team of skilled facilitators, virtually or face to face, with a wide variety of experience in high performance cultures, including business, charitable and elite sport, each Bank of Me module provides employees with the opportunity to identify those behaviours that are potentially detrimental to their performance, and replace these with new ones.

Our five modules:

  • Emotional – managing individual feelings and reactions
  • Physiological – rest, nutrition and movement practices
  • Focus – concentrating on what really matters
  • Personal Growth – routes to ongoing growth including feedback, self understanding and sources of stimulus
  • Motivation – identifying personal motivators around work and the challenges ahead

Our work: Embedding a language of high performance

The Culture Builders delivered a 100% virtual Bank of Me programme for the top 30 leaders from a major UK retailer covering all five key modules, momentum interventions in between, underpinned by virtual group coaching. The client goal was to create an even higher performing culture that challenged itself and spoke up more, one that used a language of high performance inspired by elite sport and one that displayed and sustained high performance habits.

The team delivered a set up and personal reflections session to kick off, followed by five 90 minute modules on the five core areas of Bank of Me (physiological, emotional, focus, motivation and personal growth), completed with a habits focus - 100% virtual and all underpinned with ongoing inspiration and tips to help embed and sustain the learning.

Our two day flagship programme

Many have described our two day flagship Bank of Me programme as the most impactful event of their working lives. Throughout the programme you will work with best-selling author, Jane Sparrow, a twice-gold Olympian and additional members of our team, to open up the concepts around Bank of Me.

Able to scale from one to hundreds of people, two powerful days of learning and reflection culminates in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to row on the 2012 Olympic Dorney Lake venue – cementing the learning and ensuring you never forget the programme. Or, if we are not in the UK, we row in some other incredible places.

“…actually rowing a boat as a team really helped bring the concepts to life and I believe the physical and experiential nature of the activity can only help solidify the theory in people’s minds…”

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