Change Management

When the only constant is change, how you manage it is essential and we’ve helped organisations across the globe to get this right. Success in any change comes when an organisation balances activity across a range of areas - recognising that, like an old sprung mattress, pressure in one place results in movement across the whole.

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Our Approach

Ultimately, aversion to change is a human condition, so why do we try to manage it in a systematic, process driven way? For us, there’s one very simple thing that should always be at the heart of any culture change or development - and that’s human nature.

Whilst it may seem that everything in life is changing very quickly, mainly driven by rapid technological development, as human beings, we are not. Of course we do change and evolve but not at the speed of everything that is changing around us – we remain human at heart with basic needs to feel valued, communicated with and respected.

They are three huge questions that often cause clients to stop in their tracks. You can find out more about the five roles in our article here or by grabbing a copy of Jane’s book, The Culture Builders: Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance.

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Our work: Delivering a large scale digital transformation

The Culture Builders provided six months of intensive on the ground support for the CIO, his leadership team and an 80 strong change advocacy group during a landmark transformation of the 600 strong global technology function at a leading global engineering company.

The support incorporated co-creating the change strategy, leadership development, team building and coaching for a new executive team and wider SLT; strategic development, project management, storytelling, communicating with impact and change management training across the change advocacy group. Acting as both an external specialist supporting at the most senior level as well as an on the ground extension of the in-house team, our support was described as invaluable to the successful transition.

How we help

  • Culture champions - set up and development of these powerful advocate groups
  • Tailored changemaker programmes (for HR, leaders, managers)
  • Change communication training
  • International working programmes (culture awareness and effective global working programmes with leaders/ managers/ teams)
  • People ecosystem mapping
  • Creating an effective remote working culture
  • Developing a global working culture
  • Change communication strategy

Read more here about taking a human approach to change.

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