Doing business in a world post coronavirus

The Culture Builders team has been supporting businesses, teams and leaders globally since the end of last year when coronavirus took hold in Asia. Organisations we’re helping include Lane Crawford, Salesforce, OVO Energy, Sony, Just Eat and more.

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The future of work post COVID-19

The global lowering of the key COVID-19 metrics brings with it a whole new conversation around the future of work. A conversation we are hearing the world over is around the opportunity that the global lockdown, and reboot, will offer us in terms of forging a new economy - one that’s more resilient, flexible and purposeful.

Having supported businesses in Asia, the very first market to experience the horror of the virus, we’ve experienced a number of phases of what happens next and predict a number of additional chapters in the coronavirus story that we are yet to see. Our team is supporting businesses worldwide on each of these phases with a range of solutions and we’d love to help yours.


From personal and professional adjustment, to managing emotions and wellbeing, to building virtual communities and staying connected - a great deal of effort has been made to grow new skills - building on core technology that supports virtual working and adding a social and community focus that tackles the biggest challenges.

Learning and planning

This is a critical element and should not be underestimated as part of moving forwards. It will provide the elements of ‘the plan’ to move back to near-normality and bring people together in conversations about what these learnings mean for the next phase of their business.

Transition & Reconnection

Returning to sustainability, stabilising people and re-connecting them with each other and the organisation. This is about leaders planning their own agenda for return and building the framework for teams to connect - starting as simple as tea and cake and building up to organisation-wide reconnections.


To create a viable future, organisations will need to re-shape to fit the realities of a protracted pandemic and to grasp opportunities offered by the radical shifts in working practices that COVID-19 evoked. This stage will be the most challenging, as it requires organisations to step into the unknown and find new ways of delivering their work.


It almost feels like a dirty word at the moment, but growth will return. Getting there is going to take time, and the journey for some organisations will be tough - but as a species we are incredibly resilient, adaptable and determined - we will hold society together and find a new, positive normal.

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How can we help?

We're helping organisations all over the world to weather the coronavirus storm, plan for and navigate to the next chapter, equip colleagues for what’s ahead, upskill leaders and managers to manage it, repurpose development and talent plans, restructure and reimagine the future and more.

We can help to equip your leaders and people managers to manage change and uncertainty on an unprecedented scale, support you to create or further embed effective remote working cultures, galvanise your people around a new purpose as you transition back into the workplace - and much, much more.

Delivering solutions through a suite of virtual interventions including online workshops, virtual keynotes, interactive webinars, coaching, on-demand online development and more - we can scale from one up to thousands.

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Lane Crawford - keeping people connected during coronavirus

We’ve been supporting Lane Crawford - one of Asia’s oldest and most respected luxury retailers - for a number of years as they progress with the development of a strong, 21st century-ready culture. Recently, due to the coronavirus outbreak, our focus for them has had to shift rapidly to support them through this time.

They quickly found that people simply could not ‘remote work’. Not because of connectivity or tools - for most people, it just wasn’t a skill for them. They were forced to work in environments not designed to be productive, with a lack of connection and focus. Coupled with this, there was the real worry for their own, and their family’s health.

Including leadership visibility, people manager development, action plans and toolkits, podcast and vlogs to keep everyone connected and daily top tips and inspiration to keep colleagues motivated - we’ve supported Lane Crawford to weather the COVID-19 storm. Our work continues as they now enter into the new chapters. Download the full case study here:

Case Study

The Culture Builders Podcast

Listen to our podcast with Andrew Keith, President of Lane Crawford, Asia's leading luxury fashion retailer on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking for a range of content and development available now?

Introducing Sourcecode. Sourcecode is the digital content and development hub from The Culture Builders.

Sourcecode taps into the thinking, content and inspiration that fuels our work and makes our live sessions so unique - serving it digitally and on-demand for a wider audience. It’s the next-best choice when time zones, urgency or budget means that an in-person (including virtual) intervention isn’t possible. Sourcecode is being used by a range of organisations as they endeavour to provide ongoing development for their teams in the COVID-19 climate, as is our new best selling book on remote working.

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The Bank of Me: Remote Working Edition

Grab your copy now for hundreds of tips, ideas and approaches for high performance remote working

Our Support includes:

Sustaining and retaining productivity and momentum:

Enabling & implementing culture change to fit the new model:

  • Evolving leader & middle managers
  • Upskilling/building confidence to lead change /embrace uncertainty
  • Build the forward plan
  • Engaging people to move to the new vision (belief, behaviour, tools)
  • Storysharing (honour the past, excitement about the future)
  • Upskilling teams
  • Org/team/individual focus

Learning, defining the future and creating the culture and change path to get there:

  • Redefining purpose & mission
  • Refreshing values & behaviours
  • Audit - people are feeling, needing & believing
  • Wellbeing
  • Work environment planning
  • Facilitation

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