Doing business in a world post coronavirus

The Culture Builders team has been supporting businesses, teams and leaders globally throughout the pandemic. Organisations we’ve supported include Lane Crawford, Salesforce, OVO Energy, Sony, Just Eat, Costain, Eco-Age, BBC Studioworks, Scottish Water and more.

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The future of work post COVID-19

The pandemic forced upon us a whole new way of working and living. Millions of us dashed out of the workplaces that have, for years, been our second dwellings, and re-grouped in our own homes. And we made it work. Remote working is now a comprehensive tool set, approach and ethos that we've all grown as a new 'muscle'.

What’s more, many of us really like a great deal of the benefits that go with it. So much so that the desire to drift back to the January 2020 way of working just isn’t there for many people. Historically, changes to working practices have been ‘granted’ by the organisation to create a better work ecosystem. But in the changed world of 2021, a different approach is needed. Welcome to Poly-working.


Welcome to Poly-working

As we move forward with the future of work, and start to draw together the components that are going to make up each organisation’s unique response to the opportunities and challenges that exist, we are going to need to think about two significant areas, and within each, four factors that need definition, planning and action.

On a macro level, we have the organisational elements that require the companies we work for to plan, take ownership and take action. Then, we have the micro level that is all of us - we can’t abdicate responsibility and expect help, we’ve got to play our part too. Across both the macro and the micro, we then have the following four big areas for organisational focus.

How we stay connected

With half of employees feeling a lack of connection already, the significance of isolated working is going to be huge. New paradigms are going to be needed around how organisations enable and encourage teams and people to link together, to keep socially connected and retain the sense of cohesion that most organisations possess.

How we manage and lead

Fully dislocated organisations will be the archetypal ‘magic box’ - working and succeeding but in ways that leaders and managers cannot directly see. Line of sight management and attendeeism will diminish and success will be formed around trust, flexibility, output focus and openness.

How we collaborate

We often talk about ideas being ‘sparked’. Sparks are the result of friction, random collisions. You can’t replicate these to the same success in a virtual environment. Whether the office space becomes the ‘sparking’ place or the solution is different, creating environments for the three fundamental ‘Cs’ - creativity, collaboration and connection is key.

How we use the built environment

With many employees opting for a home based approach, or mix of the two, one of the outcomes will be ‘cold offices’ - empty/under utilised commercial space. Removing the need for row upon row of desks creates the ability to downsize and reduce cost, but also the opportunity to re-think the space you do keep. But to do what? Offices and workspaces are going to have to ‘up the game’.

How can we help?

We're helping organisations all over the world to re-imagine their future and the structures that will deliver it, to transition beyond the pandemic, to equip colleagues for what’s ahead, to upskill leaders and managers to manage it, to repurpose development and talent plans and more.

We can help to equip your leaders and people managers to manage change on an unprecedented scale, support you to create and embed a poly-working culture, galvanise your people around a new purpose as you transition back into the workplace - and more. Our solutions are available, virtual, face to face, on-demand and a blend - and we can scale from one up to thousands. Click here to explore some of our poly-working offerings.


Lane Crawford - connection, projection and transition during COVID

We’ve been supporting Lane Crawford - one of Asia’s oldest and most respected luxury retailers - for a number of years as they progress with the development of a strong, 21st century-ready culture. The pandemic meant our focus for them had to shift rapidly to support them in different ways.

They quickly found that people simply could not ‘remote work’. Not because of connectivity or tools - for most people, it just wasn’t a skill for them. They were forced to work in environments not designed to be productive, with a lack of connection and focus. Coupled with this, there was the real worry for their own, and their family’s health.

Including leadership visibility, people manager development, wellbeing and performance, action plans and toolkits, podcast and vlogs to keep everyone connected and daily top tips and inspiration to keep colleagues motivated - we’ve supported Lane Crawford to weather the COVID-19 storm. Our ongoing work continues as they transition into new chapters. Read more about our work here .


The Culture Builders Podcast

Listen to our podcast with Andrew Keith, President of Lane Crawford, Asia's leading luxury fashion retailer on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking for a range of content and development available now?

Sourcecode taps into the thinking, content and inspiration that fuels our work and makes our live sessions so unique - serving it digitally and on-demand for a wider audience. It’s the next-best choice when time zones, urgency or budget means that an in-person (including virtual) intervention isn’t possible. Sourcecode is being used by a range of organisations as they endeavour to provide ongoing development for their teams transitioning beyond the pandemic.


The Bank of Me: Remote Working Edition

Grab your copy now for hundreds of tips, ideas and approaches for high performance remote working

Key areas we can support with include:

Defining the future and creating the culture and change path to get there

  • Exploring the appetite and strategy for change
  • Redefining purpose & mission
  • Refreshing values & behaviours
  • Audit how people are feeling, needing & believing
  • Wellbeing strategies in a new context
  • How to use the legacy built environment

Enabling & implementing culture change to fit a new model:

  • Evolving leaders & middle managers
  • Upskilling and building confidence to lead in a poly-working world
  • Leading for collaboration, creativity and connection
  • Engaging people to move to the new vision (belief, behaviour, tools)
  • Storysharing (honour the past, excitement about the future)
  • Poly-working practice across communities

Sustaining and retaining productivity and momentum:

  • Practical, on the ground poly-working support
  • Learning and development in a poly-working world
  • Feedback and performance insight in a poly-working environment
  • Blending work and wider lives in a poly-working world
  • One to one coaching for leaders and managers
  • On-demand development packages via Sourececode

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