Poly-working: the evolution of hybrid working

Leaders, change-makers and those who just know that we can’t go back to 2019 ways of working – this one’s for you. Our latest and most extensive whitepaper gives a fresh perspective of the immense challenges leaders face to re-shape the workplace but also highlights new opportunities to do things differently …and better.

The results of our survey are eye-opening – sometimes shocking – and provide insight into how organisations have navigated the pandemic. Our researchers spoke to 150 leaders in human resources and personnel development about the journeys their organisations have been on since the global outbreak in early 2020. It’s clear that the disruption to working culture as we knew it has changed the workplace forever.

Poly-working provides hope

Ultimately, we can’t go back to how we worked in 2019, because the world is different, people have changed – we need to move forwards. Of the HR leads questioned, 39.7% said maintaining and cultivating company culture was their biggest challenge. So, we come with a message of hope. There’s a way forward for every organisation, but for some, it’s more painful and complex than others. With the emphasis placed on the right things, and with consistent, sustained effort, we can all get there. 

We believe that the poly-working era is now upon us and that leaders must act now to create workforces that are happier and experience less stress, to use physical spaces differently and to live an ethos that’s good for the planet. That’s what poly-working brings.

Our research examines five interlinking areas of focus that we recommend are critical for the recovery and long-term sustainability of organisations, and the adoption of a poly-working model.

Read our full poly-working whitepaper, packed with in-depth research and the five areas of focus that we recommend.

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What does poly-working mean?

Unaccountable noun

Poly-working is the term used to explain the myriad approaches used to blend the needs, opportunities and preferences at work of individualism teams and organisations.

Countable noun

As a company, we know our poly-workers need to stay connected if we are to retain that sense of cohesion.

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