How to create and sustain a high performance hybrid team

By Jane Sparrow

In a recent survey of the UK’s biggest 50 biggest employers, 24 said they had no plans in place to return workers to the office, however 20 have opened their offices for staff unable to work from home. It’s true that many firms can’t see a way of accommodating large numbers of staff while social distancing regulations are still in place but on the flipside, many companies out there are offering choice and flexibility to those who want to return, owing to differing preferences, homeworking challenges, wider family health contexts and more. There’s no doubt it’s an incredibly tough situation to navigate and a good chunk of our consulting work right now is supporting organisations on a hybrid working strategy and creating and sustaining high performance hybrid teams. 

Organisational culture plays a critical role in high performance hybrid working with many strategic elements as well as practical steps to consider. Download our full white paper here for a raft of thinking, ideas and actions your organisation can take to create and sustain a high performance hybrid team. 

View the full white paper here.